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The Advantages of Ketogenic Diet

The keto diet refers to the high-fat, moderate, and low carb diet. The objective of the ketogenic diet is to get the body in a state that is referred to as ketosis. When the body runs out of sugar which is typically in form glycogen, ketosis will occur.

Ketosis happens when the body has to find an alternative source of energy. After the body runs short of glycogen, the fats will become the primary source of energy. In a nutshell, the fat will be burned into ketones and thus produce the energy. Let us look at the benefits of the keto fast food.

Weight Loss

keto diet The keto diet is popular because it facilitates in the weight loss. Most of the people who decide to go for the keto diet is usually because they want to lose weight. When the body uses the fat deposits in our bodies as the primary source of fuel, we will begin to lose weight.

Once the body gets to the stage that is referred to as ketosis, the level of insulin and blood sugar will drop. During ketosis, the fat cells lose water and can get to the bloodstream and are converted into ketones by the liver. Ketosis will continue as long as the body lacks glycogen and has to look for an alternative source of fuel.

Controls Appetite

When you consume a diet that is low on carbs, you will realize that you will rarely fall hungry. Cravings for foods that are rich in calories will be a thing of the past which will help you in maintaining your weight.

Intermittent fasting is possible for people on the keto diet. Intermittent fasting refers to the type of fasting whereby the individuals are required to eat only at certain times of the day. Controlling your appetite will go in a long way in ensuring that you maintain the perfect body size.

Better Concentration and Mental Focus

nutritious food We all need to concentrate on whatever tasks that we are allocated. Students need to have a mental focus so that they focus in class and excel in their studies. When the body relies on glycogen as the source of energy, there is a problem because of the fluctuation of the sugar levels.

The mere fact that the brain is not able to stay focused for a long duration means that it is difficult for the person to be mentally focused for a more extended period. However, when the body is undergoing ketosis, there is a consistent supply of energy to the body, which means that the person will be focused for long hours.






Main Types of Terpenes

Scientists have been researching to determine the chemical composition of marijuana. It has many chemicals, which gives it a sweet, sour or dank smell. In addition to this, these chemicals have different effects on the human body. The organic compounds that give marijuana its diversity are known as terpenes. They play a key role in influencing the smoker’s experience. There might be a significant variation in the terpenes ‘level from one grower to another. The profile of terpenes is determined through a lab test or a smell test. This article is going to discuss the various strain type terpenes and their effects.


This strain is known for its strong herbal smell. Its scent is almost similar to that of clove. This is the chemical responsible for a “couch-lock.” This is the feeling that makes someone helpless. Its other main effects include sedation and relaxation. Research has proven that almost all the cannabis strain contain this chemical. It is found in both pure hybrid and Indica strains including Himalayan Gold and White Widow.relaxation


Alpha-pinene smells like pine; it has a pine scent, which is similar to that found in rosemary and pine needles. It can either function on its own or react with other chemicals to produce different strains of terpenes such as limonene. This stain has powerful medical capabilities. It has potent anticancer properties which makes it an ideal option for the medical marijuana patients.

In addition to its strong scents and anticancer activity, this chemical is used as a bronchodilator. It is helpful for improving the flow of air to the lungs. Research has also proven that it is effective in combating short-term memory loss. Some of the cannabis species that have a high concentration of alpha-pinene are the popular hybrid earthly Dutch Treat and Blue Dream.


It smells like lemon and citrus. It is known for offering several medicinal benefits such as stress relief and uplifting mood. In addition to its mental effects, limonene has potent antifungal effects. In fact, many people use it in fighting toenail fungus. It is also helpful in treating reflux and gastric acids. This terpene is mainly found in sativa strains such as Super lemon Haze or Jack Herer.limonene


It has a floral scent like that of lan=vener. It is known for its relaxing and calming effects. Linalool is helpful in reducing stress and anxiety. It is also helpful in reducing inflammation of the lung and boosting the immune cells. Lung inflammation is a health condition that is very common with cigarette smokers.