Industrial Injury Claims

Any injury, disease, or disability that has a direct relation to an individual’s working environment and is due to some form of negligence is referred to as industry injury claims. Filing for an industrial injury claim is not a ride in the park. It is an extraordinarily complicated and tiresome process that may offer unexpected results such as denial of the claim.

For you to file for an industrial injury claim, it is first essential to know the range of conditions that fall under the purview of industrial injury. Another crucial factor to remember is that you are eligible to file for this claim if you get disabled, injured, or contract any disease in the course of performing your job at the workplace. Industrial injury claims fall under two main groups. The groups include work-related accidents and work-related diseases.


injuryWork-Related Diseases

This category of industrial injury claims include illnesses that the worker or employee will contract due to exposure to harmful chemicals or materials. The group also consists of diseases caused by interaction with gadgets or machines within the working area. Some of the examples of diseases include asthma due to dust exposure, asbestos disease due to asbestos exposure, and hearing loss due to high levels of noise.



Work-Related Accidents

This category comprises any accident that is directly related to the workplace. These are injuries that are a result of malfunctions of machinery, slippery floor, and heavy falling objects.


Eligibility for the Industrial Injury Claim

To qualify or be eligible to file for this claim, you should follow this main condition. The condition states that you should have been employed in that work when the accident occurred. The self-employed employees are not eligible for this claim.


When to File for an Industrial Injury Claim

The industrial injuries differ from other personal injuries based on the time limits. The general rule for personal injuries is that one should file within three years of the accident. However, filing for claims for the industrial injuries, there is no statute of limitations.

There is no specific time limit for filing these claims since the nature of some industrial diseases take time to develop or the symptoms to start manifesting on the worker’s body. For instance, the mesothelioma disease develops after several years after exposure to asbestos.

However, it is advisable to file the claim immediately regardless of the longtime limit. This is irrespective of the type of the accident. Even if it is a minor accident, report it directly. It’s because some of the minor accidents may lead to injuries that will manifest later.

Another reason why you should file for the claim right away is that such claims take time to compile and come up with a case. There are tons of records to look into such as the evidence and medicine records. All these take time. Therefore, it is wise to start the process immediately after the injury occurs.



Involve Industrial Injury Experts

It is also an excellent idea to involve qualified solicitors. They help to speed up the process and increase the chances of you winning the case and getting compensation.…